The finest tights as well as Half-Slips for work

Above: a few of the very best tights for work as of 2022: one / two / three / four (here are two excellent fleece-lined choices — as well as here’s a excellent method to store tights!)

Which are the very best tights for work, as well as where can you discover them? What about half-slips for underneath workwear? Reader K wonders…
I work in a extremely laid-back office, however with winter upon us, I would like to modification up my typical pants/sweater wardrobe to add more tights. Can you do a publish on the very best tights out there? the very best opaque, the very best durability, the very best for patterns/textures, as well as finest high quality for price. I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the offerings, as well as without understanding which brand seems to have the biggest appeal, it’s difficult to invest $20 (or more) of what amounts to a pair of tall socks. together with that, where on earth do we discover half-slips anymore?
Great question, Reader K. We haven’t talked about tights in a while (and it’s been eons since we talked slips!), so let’s discuss.
A note about toughness as well as price: a great deal of Camiseta Aston Villa FC durability comes down to exactly how you care for your tights. If you laundry them in a lingerie bag, hang them to dry, as well as be extremely cautious when putting them on, you’re going to get a great deal of uses out of even more cost effective tights. It may be a personal preference, however I’ve always discovered that control-top tights are extremely durable — the material is thicker where you’re fussing with it most days (both when you put the tights on also utilize the restroom).

I’m curious to hear what visitors state about price. In my viewpoint the $30 range — Commando, Spanx, Plush — provides you the finest value for your money, however then I’ve only had a few fancier pairs, most bought at sample sale sites like Rue La La or as lucky discovers at stores like Camiseta OGC Nice TJ Maxx. Readers, which do you believe is the very best value for tights — the $15 as well as under range? the $30 range? or beyond (e.g., Wolford, Falke)? One brand that I have had luck with at the lower end is the Assets brand by Spanx, which you can get at Target.
The finest opaque Tights
The most opaque tights I’ve ever had have been Commando’s tights — as well as if you’re looking for a thin, non-shaping tight, that is likely going to be your finest bet. (Ooh, however they do now have a control-top version.) however it’s worth noting Camiseta Palmeiras that reversible tights can likewise be extremely opaque (since they have to have a whole color on the other side); as well as the proliferation of fleece tights has likewise made for more opaque tights.
You can discover cheaper versions of fleece tights at your corner drugstore, however I still like my pair of luxurious fleece tights from Shopbop. a few of our preferred tights for work are these:

Above: a few of the very best tights for work as of 2022: one / two / three / four (here are two excellent fleece-lined choices — as well as here’s a excellent method to store tights!)

Patterned tights for Work
We’ve talked about the propriety of vibrant tights for work before, in addition to patterned tights, as well as my opinions haven’t altered as well much. I’d stick with small, routine patterns — rib knits, teeny small polka dots, chevron patterns, sweater-like cable knits — as well as note that these will make any attire more casual.
Hunting for excellent patterned tights to wear to work? These are a few of our latest favorites as of 2022, however note that if you’re looking for higher-end tights you can inspect Wolford as well as Falke; if you want something more affordable inspect Target, Old Navy, as well as other shopping center stores…

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