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Can You wear A tropical wool suit in the Winter?

Are suits made from tropical wool acceptable to wear during the winter, or are they only designed for cooling you down in hot summer weather? and how does the suit color aspect in? reader P wonders…
I gotten a dark navy colored suit last year from J. crew in tropical wool, and I am wondering if it is fine to wear during colder months (I live in new York City). My gut is that considering that it is very dark with brown buttons, that it can look wintry and also be worn in summer, as it is light weight and breathable. However, it is my first suit in this kind of fabric and I don’t to seem gauche if there is a policy about seasons in which this fabric is appropriate, and when it is not. any suggestions?
Interesting question, reader P — and I’m curious to hear what the readers say. My initial reaction here was, OF course you can wear tropical wool suits in the winter! They’re seasonless! but then I second guessed myself and did some Google research.
So here’s my a lot more researched answer: tropical wool suits are often intended for year-round wear (see Pendleton,  noting that their “lightest weight wools are proper for year-round wear,” and BlueSuits, calling it “Seasonless European tropical wool Stretch”).
Because they Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Camerún are also acceptable for summer wear, they can be lightweight and breathable — so while they aren’t improper for wintertime wear, they may be a bit freezing on the most Vortex-y days of Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Dinamarca the Polar Vortex.

(Some of our layering ideas for how to stay warm in a freezing office, or thoughts on unlined pants may be of help!)
Particularly when you aspect in the fact that so lots of women’s basic suiting is seasonless/tropical wool, though, I would say they’re acceptable for a lot of wintertime days — particularly for the person who only has to wear a suit once a week or less. If you’re one of those people who wears a suit four days out of five, you may want to get heavier suits in worsted wool or tweed — but I don’t think you have to.
Psst: here are some of our favorite basic suits, lots of available in tropical wool…

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Ladies, what are your thoughts — is there a difference to you between tropical wool suits and “seasonless” suits? would you think someone was odd Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Ghana if they wore a tropical wool suit in the dead of winter? 

(Pictured: Ann Taylor tropical wool One button Jacket, $198.)

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